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Monthly Web Maintenance

Too busy to deal with the digital? Go on. Do your thing, we’ll do ours.


Locals Only Monthly Maintenance provides you with a dedicated resource for your web presence and other tech issues without hiring a full-time employee.
Your Monthly Web Maintenance subscription includes web presence updates and tech support sessions. You will be provided a set number of web presence updates and/or tech support sessions, and this number will be depend on your selected subscription. During our free consultation we can recommend the monthly maintenance subscription that meets your needs.

Monthly Web Maintenance by Locals Only
What is considered a web presence update?

Your web presence consists of all your online business pages, such as your website, your facebook page, twitter account, google location, yelp page, etc...
Updating your website and social media accounts encourages repeat visitors and new traffic so you can convert them into customers!

Here are some examples:
What IS considered a web presence update:

  • Uploading a blog post to your social media
  • Updating product details in your online store
  • Adding a picture to your website photo gallery
  • Creating an event on social media with provided content
  • Updating text/verbiage on your website

What IS NOT considered a web presence update?

  • Redesigning website home page
  • Writing a blog post without provided content
  • Creating a flyer for an event
  • Editing and resizing multiple photos for gallery
Monthly Web Maintenance by Locals Only
What is a tech support session?

A tech support session is a 15 minute session that may be initiated by email or phone.
After the issue has been received (an active user logs issue), we will work to resolve your issue within a 15 minute window.
We also have the capability of connecting remotely to most devices if the issue occurs on a local device.

Here are some examples:
What CAN be resolved during a tech support session?

  • Resolving a printer issue on the network
  • Basic computer issues
  • Basic Software issues
  • Connecting a mail account to a mobile device
  • Help with your cloud storage

What CAN NOT be resolved during a tech support session?

  • Migrating email inboxes
  • Malware/adware/spyware issues
  • Installing software on multiple computers
  • Complex computer/software issues

That being stated, If we are not able to resolve your issue, you will be provided with a detailed analysis of the issue and details guiding you to how you may resolve this issue. Either by providing the steps to resolve the issue, or by guiding you to resources that are able to help you.