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Locals Only Tucson Founder
Sara PattersonCreator of Locals Only

Sara works with passionate entrepreneurs that want to gain visibility in the community and generate revenue online with an engaging and authentic web presence. "I'm LOCO about bringing people together, supporting local businesses, and facilitating collaboration within the community."

Locals Only Tucson Found Josh Peterson
Josh PetersonCreator of Locals Only

Josh works with entrepreneurs who want to increase their productivity, leads, and sales by developing a solid web presence. He is extremely passionate about working with entrepreneurs to grow their business and help them succeed in their endeavors. Josh's experience derives from a number of avenues including-technical, sales, service, and leadership, among others that led him to co-found Locals Only.

Cassandra PeelLocal Explorer

Cassandra is a Brooklynite living in Tucson since 2013. She works at Desert Harmony Hospice of Tucson in a hybrid role coordinating the bereavement program and managing the volunteer program in the community. Prior to moving to the Old Pueblo, she worked in non-profit administration, social services, higher education and broadcasting as News Director of a local radio station for five years. Her true passion is supporting causes that combine health, disability, and community education. Outside of work, she is a doctoral student at the University of Arizona and volunteers with TUSD and Ward 3. A self-proclaimed Golden Girls fanatic who loves sushi, she is thrilled to explore Tucson, her new hometown, and share the rare gems she treasures.

Kristy HarveyLocal Explorer

Kristy Harvey is a Writer and Movement Educator from Charlottesville, VA. She is a Brown Belt Nia practitioner, an E-RYT Yoga Instructor and Trainer, and author of the book, Mindfulness On the Move (Lulu Press, 2014). She is a mover, a shaker, and a giant leap taker. She currently lives in Tucson, AZ, which feels more like home than anywhere else in the world, so far. Visit her website at www.wiseowlwellnessaz.com