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What time will the solar eclipse happen in my area?

Use this tool to find out the eclipse times for your area. Click anywhere on the map to find out when the partial eclipse starts and ends as well as the time and length of totality (if you are in the path). Times are in Universal Time. Use our easy guide below for converting it to your timezone. Locals from any of the contiguous 48 states will be able to see a partial or total eclipse, weather permitting. Even Tucson, Arizona will see 58% obstruction.

Above is the link to the interactive map for the 2017 solar eclipse by Xavier Jubier, a passionate eclipse chaser and innovator. He invented solar/lunar interactive Google Maps and Google Files for public use. Click on your location on the map to view the times for your local eclipse viewing!

Easy Universal Time (UTC) Converter:

Eastern Daylight Time = subtract 4 hours from UTC

Central Daylight Time = subtract 5 hours from UTC

Mountain Daylight Time = subtract 6 hours from UTC

Pacific Daylight Time = subtract 7 hours from UTC

What’s the weather forecast for the eclipse?

Clear skies are optimal for eclipse viewing. Clouds and smoky skies from wildfires can diminish the awe inspiring totality. For locals in the path of totality the experience will still be memorable even with cloudy skies, as the moon blocks the sun and the sky darkens and temperatures drop substantially. For true eclipse chasers they will go where the weather is optimal for eclipse viewing. Not in the path of totality, no worries. Locals throughout the contiguous US will be able to see the partial eclipse, weather permitting.

Solar Eclipse Eye Safety

The 2017 eclipse has been deemed the Great American Eclipse because everyone will get to experience this once in a lifetime event. If you are lucky enough to live in the path of totality it’s really easy to experience the total solar eclipse. No matter where you are, be a local advocate of celebrating and viewing this event safely. You can purchase solar eclipse glasses in bulk to share with friends. Find businesses that are selling the glasses locally. Just be sure they are compliant with ISO 12312-2 international safety standard. You can view a list of solar eclipse glasses vendors approved by the American Astronomical Society, here.

solar eclipse eye safety


It’s important to have eye protection, specifically for the partial eclipse phases. You can only safely view a solar eclipse in totality, when the moon is totally blocking the harmful rays of the sun. The key is waiting for Baily’s Beads to be fully diminished, and be sure the “diamond ring” effect caused by the last rays of sunlight is over. Only in full totality is it safe to look at the eclipse with the naked eye.   

Baily's Beads solar eclipse effect photo by Arne Danielson“Baily’s Beads”
eclipse effect. Credit: Arne Danielson -photo on


“Diamond Ring” eclipse effect. Credit

Find your people

Check out local eclipse events

The solar eclipse is a unifying human event. Locals and tourists alike will gather to view the eclipse. Find an event near you that offers a great viewing space and loving people to share the experience with. Many restaurants, coffee shops, museums, planetariums, etc are having special eclipse events. Do some researching online and ask your friends to find events near you or create your own viewing party!

West Coasters can have a coffee and pastry party, since the partial eclipse begins in the morning! East Coasters will be able to have a late luncheon or maybe an afternoon tea party?

If you are in the Tucson Area check out Locals Only Tucson’s Event List. Want to add your eclipse event to the list?

Email us at or message us on Facebook!

Flandrau’s, the local planetarium, is selling eye glasses for your safe eclipse viewing!

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