Take a Romantic Stroll on the River Walk

Rillito River Path at Campbell Rd Tucson Sculpture Bat Bridge

Go for a walk during sunset on one of the many “river” paths in Tucson! Or make it an urban hike with the crew! These locations show how to access the path along their respective river (or wash, as we say) with a small free parking lot. Bikes,  rollerblades, skateboards and strollers are permitted, just stay to the right of the path so serious cyclists can zoom by you. There are plenty more access points to these river paths, check for one in your area!

Rillito River Path on Campbell

Campbell & Limberlost

Pantano River Path

Pantano & 22nd Street

Santa Cruz River Path

Near Silverlake & Mission Rd

The Santa Cruz River path continues south to Valencia Rd


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